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Private Crypto Stealer – Steal [ BTC, ETH, XMR ] From Anyone Silently

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About Private Crypto Stealer Builder – BTC, ETH, XMR Stealer:

Private Crypto Stealer allows you to steal BTC, ETH, XMR from your victim’s pc silently. It is very easy to build and use. You can put your wallet btc address, xmr address and eth address from a private crypto stealer builder then your crypto virus will build.

After that spread that crypto virus into your victims. When they will run your crypto virus then it starts work in their pc in the background every time and when your victim will try to send btc and eth to another person then it will come to your crypto wallet.

It replaces with yours btc, xmr, eth address that why victim all amount will send to your provided crypto wallet. You can watch its practical video below about how private crypto stealer works.


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btc stealer


Private BTC Stealer Features:

  • Auto startup
  • Persistence
  • BTC address
  • XMR address
  • ETH address
  • Regsistry startup
  • Shortcut startup
  • Lifetime activated
  • Builder
  • Loader
  • Netframework 2.0
  • Netframework 4.0
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all windows os
  • Etc.

Private Crypto Stealer Lifetime Activated Practical Video Tutorial


How To Buy Crypto Stealer Builder Lifetime Activated

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Private Crypto Stealer – Steal [ BTC, ETH, XMR ] From Anyone Silently

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