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NjRAT Gold Dangerous Edition [ Clean ] Hack Unlimited Devices Silently & Lifetime

njrat gold edition

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About NjRAT Gold Dangerous Edition Software:

It is a very popular and dangerous remote administration tool ever for windows. It is used by hackers to hack anyone’s pc and laptop silently all over the world.

You will see a built-in USB spreader in it that helps to spread their payload through USB and your payload will jump from one to another computer very fastly.

It is a very fast windows rat. NjRAT Gold has the ability to handle up to unlimited hacked clients without any kind of lagging issue.


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njrat gold


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njrat gold


NjRAT Gold Features:

  • Control victims pc
  • Remotely show desktop
  • Remotely control victim mouse and keyboard
  • Keylogger
  • Password recovery from victim pc
  • Run any file into victim pc
  • Run any script
  • File manager
  • Protect your DNS from DDoS
  • Control panel
  • Multiple DNS support
  • Process checker
  • Services checker
  • Steal passwords stored in browsers
  • Remote webcam of the victim system
  • Victim IP address
  • Computer name of the victim
  • System info of victim
  • Active window of the victim
  • Country of victim
  • Hard drives of victim
  • Download any file from victim pc
  • Upload any file into victim pc
  • Etc.

NjRAT Gold Dangerous Edition Practical Video Tutorial


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NjRAT Gold Dangerous Edition [ Clean ] Hack Unlimited Devices Silently & Lifetime

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